Everyone knows that you need air conditioning in the sweltering temperatures of Australia.

That’s why we have it in our homes. Office workers expect a nice comfortable working environment too.

So, what about operators of heavy duty moving vehicles?

In the outback, working in harsh conditions with soaring temperatures is no joke. Air conditioning is a must. 

Anything that distracts a heavy duty equipment driver from concentrating on the job at hand, could be a recipe for disaster.

Air conditioning in these vehicles need to be fixed fast and efficiently.

Having the correct personnel on hand is vital to cut any delays to the minimum, that’s why having an air conditioning auto electrician in Illawarra to call on is necessary.

So, we at Buckland Auto Electrical have put together this short list of why you need an auto electrician with air conditioning expertise.

When outside weather conditions are insupportable, just think of what it would be like for a heavy machinery operator inside a glassed in cabin without air conditioning.

With the heat of the sun coming through the windscreen and side panels, plus the heat build-up from the working motor, it will lead to intolerable working conditions.

Drowsiness will also affect productivity. Luckily, most modern heavy equipment is fitted with air conditioning, but if that breaks down?

The driver or operator can become dehydrated, which may lead to dizziness and even fainting. That’s why an air conditioning auto electrician needs to be easily available.

Any machine with faulty air conditioning should immediately be taken out of commission so it can be worked on. If it is a vital piece of your operation, then all else grinds to halt.

What are you going to do next? Transport the machine to a workshop to get it fixed? Call out a mobile repair unit? With either of these options you are still facing delays in your operations.

You need an air conditioning auto electrician ready to deal with any problem. Not only do you need to take due care of your personnel, but your motors too.

All machinery runs hot. In high temperatures heavy equipment will run even hotter.

Engine cooling systems need to be maintained or repaired when necessary. Auto electricians are a must.

Peace of Mind

For over 4 decades, Buckland Auto Electrical have been servicing heavy machinery and supplying air conditioning auto electricians in Illawarra, so we know what we are talking about.

If you are operating heavy plant equipment, you should talk to us. You can contact us here or simply give us a call.